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For dinner we had nine fancy tacos in the Mission at Tacolicious – a terribly yet accurately named establishment without a sign and with delicious, delicious tacos.  Photographed above: beer braised chicken, guajillo braised beef short rib, house-made chorizo and potatoes, and fried local cod with 3 types of salsa.


The first time I enjoyed flan was here. Apparently, according to my sister, this is not because tacolicious’ flan was the best flan in the world (it was very good flan, though), but because all other flan (flans?) I’ve had were terrible. Flan is both light and rich – like cheesecake and creme brulee combined.

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After tacos, during blue hour, and under a full moon, we took in SF atop Mount Davidson.

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Goodnight, San Francisco.