community supported agriculture.

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I recently joined a CSA and every two weeks Greenhearts Family Farm delivers a variety of fruits, vegetables, eggs, and sometimes chicken right to my door. Produce has never been so fresh. The farm selects the produce, so it’s a surprise each time… and I’m inspired to be a bit more creative.


I normally don’t cook with carrots unless it’s required for a soup base. With the carrots being the most carroty carrots I’ve eaten, I decided they needed to be front and center. The Smitten Kitchen junkie that I am, I used this recipe for miso-sesame-ginger carrot soup. You know that dressing that Japanese restaurants typically use in salads? The soup is kinda like that, but warmer and heartier.

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I love roasted beets. I was first introduced to them as a kid in Greek salads – sweet beets, tangy feta, and salty/bitter kalamata olives opened my taste buds to another palette-world.  But, I’ve never made beets at home; it seemed a little intimidating. I couldn’t believe how ridiculously simple and easy it was to do at home. I sautéed the beet greens in a little olive oil and balsamic vinegar and added some tangy soft cheese from Cowgirl Creamery with salt and pepper.


With the cucumbers, kale, and red cabbage I made an Asian-inspired slaw. With some of the leftover soup (chilled) I added Trader Joe’s wasabi mayo, wasabi, ponzu sauce, and mirin to make the dressing.


And, with more kale I made a simple pesto pasta salad with bacon, cannelli beans, homemade basil pesto, and Bolani tomato pesto from Alemany Farmer’s Market. I steamed the kale until it turned bright green (a few minutes, if that), then sautéed the leaves in bacon fat. I had extra baby spinach, so I threw that in as well.

4 thoughts on “community supported agriculture.

  1. Rhea, this is an awesome post and an awesome blog! We joined a CSA too and I need to do something with the beets. Was just looking up a roasted beet recipe. Yours looks great! Anika

      • Your photos look great, and your writing is good too. I can’t wait to see where this leads you. I’m in the market for a dslr camera, by the way. What kind do you have?

  2. thanks for the support! doubt this will lead anywhere, except inspiration to keep trying new dishes and restaurants.. which is good enough for me. as for cameras, i have a sony nex-3n – not quite a dslr, but a mirrorless lens with dslr quality. prior to the sony, i had a lumix lx7. i’ve read micro 4/3 cameras are also a great non-dslr option. i opted away from dslr’s b/c of the size. if it’s too big, i figured i won’t carry it around and use it. good luck!

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