dim sum at hong kong lounge.


When in the Richmond district, you must have dim sum. And, though I’ve been told Hong Kong Lounge is not the best dim sum in the Richmond, it is still some of the best dim sum I’ve ever had. A dish I’ve had for the first time at HKL, deep fried taro dumpling.


shrimp noodle roll with whole plump shrimp.


coffee pork ribs with whipped cream. My sister described it as candy bars, but pork. And, this was a good thing.


bbq pork noodles with cilantro.


garlic pea sprouts – a favorite of mine I’ve eaten countless times at Chinese restaurants throughout SF’s Chinatown II.


turnip cake.


pan fried chive dumpling – we ate a couple before I remembered to take a photo.


my favorite dim sum dessert – fried sesame balls!

DSC01164 _Snapseed

And, if you’re in the Inner Richmond, de Young Museum in Golden Gate Park is just a hop, skip, and a jump away.

DSC01176 _Snapseed

One of my favorite vantage points in SF (of which there are many) is de Young’s observation tower.

DSC01188 _Snapseed

Being on the west side of the city means easy access to the ocean and Lands End. Mile Rock Beach in Lands End is a little gem of an escape from the city.

DSC01194 _Snapseed DSC01213 _Snapseed

However, Lands End does not let you forget you are indeed in San Francisco.

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