state bird provisions.


It is notoriously difficult to get reservations at State Bird Provisions, and I imagine it will only get more so since they recently won the James Beard Best New Restaurant award.  Three of us, Sam, my sister, and I, got in line 15 minutes before they opened at 5:30pm. We would be the first of the second wave of seating, so after taking our phone number we sat for dinner at 7pm, giving us some time to explore Japantown and Filmore. So much as been written about their Asian-inspired dishes and dim-sum style carts, so I won’t add to the noise. But, here are some photos of what we ate. We started with smoked wild king salmon with pea hummus & meyer lemon.


This innocent guinea hen dumpling with aromatic broth packed so much intense, savory flavor, we were all slurping out of our little bowls to get every last drop.


fried garlic bread with burrata cheese and parmesan.


pickled anchovy-sesame pancake with crème fraîche & basil.


grilled beef salad.


CA State Bird with provisions. This fried quail is the restaurant’s namesake, served with stewed onions and parmesan cheese. It was some of the best fried “chicken” I’ve ever had. Also, two dishes I forgot to photograph: charred octopus in tomato-chickpea salsa (amazing) and blood sausage (aka soon-deh in korean). The servers called the soon-deh something fancy, but us Koreans knew exactly with it was.


melting chocolate pistachio torte, cayenne infused figs, hudson ranch olive oil


lemon curd ‘ice cream’ sandwich, poppy seed macaron, blueberries, fennel. This dessert changed our lives.

Overall, the meal was like one I’ve never experienced, in a really good way. The space is also really well thought out. That being said, don’t come too hungry or else the portions and pacing may cause impatience.

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