fried asparagus with harissa aoili.
grilled bread, crescenza, and snow peas.
flatbread of spicy fennel, sausage, potatoes, basil, mozzarella.
wood roasted king salmon, lentils, bacon, snow peas and radish.
baked cauliflower, green garlic cream, gruyère and pimenton.
poached duck egg, grilled asparagus, horseradish crème fraîche and sherry onions.
grilled pork chop, arrowhead cabbage, carrots, grilled apricots and mustard.
grass fed hamburger with gruyère and avocado, pickled onions and french fries with herbed aioli.

Good food with good friends has got to be one of my favorite activities this life on earth has to offer. Nopa’s food was simple and fresh, an inspiring home-cooked meal. With the right high quality ingredients, I felt like I could re-create some of these dishes in my own kitchen. If only I had connections with a farm to bring to my table.

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