red wine risotta for brunch.


Like everyone in the developed world, I love brunch. I love the free reign to eat breakfast foods anytime before sundown. I love having an excuse to eat double portions to count for two meals in one. And, one of my favorite DC brunch places taught me, you can eat risotto for brunch – just add bacon and eggs. Risotto is peasant food disguised as a prince. It’s basically just really brothy rice and it’s quite simple to make, but it feels so decadent. Martha Stewart’s basic risotto recipe gives me the building blocks to make a solid basic risotto.  From there you can add whatever. I didn’t have white wine on hand, but google told me that red wine risotto is an actual thing. In addition to the crimini mushrooms, I added garlic, bacon, spinach, and used bacon fat instead of butter. I poached an egg and threw it on top as a good Korean should. If I make this again, I’m going to add gorgonzola because bacon and gorgonzola were made for each other.


Also, at brunch, you can eat dessert in the morning. I fear baking. So, any dessert recipe that does not require it I will try. This is Smitten Kitchen’s yogurt panna cotta with honey and walnuts. I warmed up my honey and mixed in Trader Joes’ lemon curd. For tangy yogurt lovers only.

3 thoughts on “red wine risotta for brunch.

  1. What did you think of Smitten Kitchen’s Panna cotta? I made it but found it far too yogurty…not very panna cotta like if you ask me. That egg looks so good!

    • i agree it was quite yogurty. i used the higher amount of sugar recommended, which cut the tartness. i made this twice and added more cream/milk and a little more gelatin the second time around, which helped. i love plain full fat greek yogurt with honey as a snack anyway, so this dish was a natural next step. but agreed, if you are expecting a classic panna cotta, it will be disappointing.

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