simple steak salads.

My preferred solo meal is a steak salad. The decadence of a slab of high-quality medium-rare meat coupled with fresh, healthy veggies makes for a perfectly balanced and filling meal fit for a queen. I cook my steak simply with salt and lots of pepper on a cast-iron pan, a la Alton Brown. Then, add whatever produce in my fridge I need to consume sooner than later.


Recently, I made a salad dressing I would casually take shots of if gross disregard of social norms wasn’t a sign of being a sociopath. I add the following ingredients to taste: high quality red miso, sesame oil, dashi, ponzu sauce, and furikake. Red miso adds salt, sesame oil adds aromatic fat, dashi adds fishy-tang, ponzu sauce adds citrusy-sweet, and the furikake adds texture. I also throw fresh green onion on dishes that would benefit, which is often. Green onion is super easy to grow at home.


Today, I ate my steak with leftovers from my new favorite Smitten Kitchen dish (adapted from the cookbook A Girl and Her Pig – currently in my Amazon cart) – lentil and chickpea salad with feta and tahini. The above photograph is a version I made with pickled red onion (because I had leftovers), and since, I’ve made it with plain red onion as the recipe calls for. The latter tastes better.

Also, throwing steak on salad means steak is acceptable for lunch!

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