hirst cake and blue bottle coffee.

DSC00733 _Snapseed

Today was the first Tuesday of the month, which means free day at SF MOMA. Beginning June 2, SF MOMA will be closed for renovations until 2016 (!), so I decided to take a visit. The museum has a beautiful rooftop garden with a Blue Bottle coffee shop where they serve modern art inspired desserts – Mondrian, Thiebaud, and Hirst cakes. I opted for the Hirst cake because it requires a bit of self-assembly.  And, I’m a sucker for cream cheese frosting. Coupled with cold brewed coffee on a warm sunny day, it was bliss. I probably should have been more relaxed about putting the edible confetti dots on the cake, but I wanted to make sure they were equidistant and no two colors consecutive. Even now, I wish I made the dots 5×5, not 4×4.

DSC00737 _Snapseed

Inside was a lemon velvet cake with white chocolate ganache. I expected the inside to be all white, but was surprised to find kelly and spring green! To be honest, the cake was a little dense for my taste. Cake is almost never my preferred dessert, unless it’s made of cheese. I will always choose cookies or ice cream, especially if they are joined together and covered in dark chocolate.

SF MOMA dots and shadowsDSC00723 _Snapseed DSC00706 _SnapseedDSC00721 _Snapseed

The entire rooftop space was heavenly, especially with Louise Bourgeois and pour-over coffee as company.

SF MOMA lady 1 DSC00719 _Snapseed

I also sort of became obsessed with this older woman on the rooftop. She was just sitting and relaxing, until she saw a bunch of folks taking photos of construction on the adjacent building. She got up to see what all the fuss was about.

DSC00683 _Snapseed DSC00691 _Snapseed DSC00694 _Snapseed

Throughout the center staircase was an installation by Chinese artist Gu Wenda made of hair, rope, and glue. I was a little sad to realize in less than a month it will be years until I can enjoy this space again… saying goodbye when I just got to know you!

addendum: on the last weekend before SFMOMA closed, we returned to get our last fix until 2016. On the rooftop, blue bottle coffee pastry chef Caitlin Freeman was demonstrating how to make Mondrian cakes.DSC01910 _SnapseedDSC01912 _SnapseedDSC01915 _Snapseeddelicious! for sam and i to share.


Two forks for Sam and I to share.

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