chorizo on cinco de mayo!

DSC00622 _Snapseed

I love chorizo. I love tacos. I love chorizo tacos. We used to live in DC’s Mount Pleasant where Mexican and El Salvadorian markets were just up the block from our apartment. Here in San Francisco, I recently discovered a Mexican produce market just up the block from our church in Outer Richmond. This Rick Bayless chorizo and potato taco recipe has been faithful to me. Though every day should be taco day, Cinco de Mayo is a good a day as any to make some tacos.

As for the avocado salsa, in addition to the tomatillos, avocado, garlic, and jalapeño pepper, I like to add cilantro and cotija cheese. Eating with corn tortillas is required.

One thought on “chorizo on cinco de mayo!

  1. i’m going to forego my dreams of food blog superstardom to live vicariously through yours. including but not limited to the following reasons: (1) you are a better cook and (2) you are a better photographer. now all you need is a snappy title!

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