slanted door.

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Every once in a while, you get to get partake in a meal that inspires. Sam and I were fortunate enough to be treated to a feast at the Slanted Door where they serve high-end Vietnamese home-cooking. 

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Other than pho, I don’t eat Vietnamese often… this meal changed that trajectory, especially now that I’m in San Francisco. Now, I’m constantly craving that tart-tangy-salty-sweet Vietnamese caramel sauce and my love for cilantro has only heightened. Armed with Chef Charles Phan’s cookbook, I tried making his signature shaking beef (with mediocre results – I need to invest in a wok) and seared salmon with caramel sauce, which was delicious.

P1170675 P1170677 P1170680 P1170682

What I loved about the meal was that it was both highbrow (oyster and uni) and humble (daikon cakes and doughnuts). And, like most good food, it was comforting and accessible.

Most of the time, the restaurant’s ambiance is an afterthought for me. So long as the food is good, I will tolerate dismal, dreary, and even moderately dirty. But, having a beautiful view doesn’t hurt. Slanted Door is located in the Ferry Building, so with the right seat, you can see the Bay Bridge while you dine.

P1170329 _Snapseed

I can’t wait to take my family here.

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