These are XLBs aka xiao long baos aka soup dumplings. One of my very first meals in San Francisco was at Shanghai Dumpling King where they specialize in XLBs, located a block down from my new church in Outer Richmond. These 10 dumplings for $5 are little pockets of meaty, brothy, gingery, oniony bliss. For a voracious and messy eater such as myself, I needed some XLB consumption training to prevent tongue-burn and juice splatter.

P1160365 _Snapseed _Snapseed cherry blossoms photos are hard to resist... especially for asians. _Snapseed P1160402 _Snapseed _Snapseed

Also in walking distance from church and from Shanghai Dumpling King is gorgeous Golden Gate Park. Not a bad deal. Update: Sadly, SDK recently moved locations, so no more spontaneous XLBs when I’m at church with Sam. Happily, the new location is closer to where we live.

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